is your source for personalized, reloadable gift cards for dozens of popular games. Buy one for yourself or a friend, or build your own and then request it as a gift! Carry your card in your wallet to show your friends!

How It Works

Choose a game from the list above. You'll then be able to customize a gift card and send it with a personalized message inside a Hallmark–style greeting card.

Some cards even utilize our patent-pending process to imprint your actual username, avatar and custom text on the gift card. Select your game to see which customization options are available.

Cards are reloadable at 7–Eleven stores nationwide or Western Union locations worldwide, and the value is immediately credited to your account — no PIN needed.

Information for Developers

For further information on Rixty's Custom Gift Card program, or to learn how you can offer Custom Gift Cards for your game or website, please visit our Developers Page or contact

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